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About us.

Inside Content is a global entertainment marketing agency. We are now operating in LA, London, and Tel Aviv, connecting brands to build partnerships with TV networks, streamers, productions and digital publishers, reaching and engaging audiences worldwide.

Founded in 2010, Inside Content developed and produced TV series and branded content pieces In partnership with leading television brands.
Our divergent showreel includes documentaries, infotainment productions, game shows as well as reality tv shows, specializing in brand integration and branded content, across all verticals.

Ad fatigue is real.

TV ads are disruptive. TV content is engaging. That's a simple truth. Ads clutter the viewer experience, yet carefully crafted content resonates with viewers, opening them up to your message and brand. While Ads are hit or miss, content allows embedding your message to an already engaged target audience. In a world full of distractions, content is king.

Reach. Enrich.

Inside Content agency has developed a uniquely creative approach to content integration. We enable brands to massively scale up their audiences, expanding their reach wider than ever. Integrated content enriches the viewers with an engaging, powerful brand experience. It's a win-win scenario.

All formats, every platform.

We develop original short-form and long-form content in a wide range of genres: drama, comedy, documentaries, talk shows, lifestyle, and more – for every format, platform, or screen. Our palette of content is wide, and we carefully choose the right cotexst and voice for your brand, tailoring your brand a perfect content suit.

What we do.

We integrate your brand and messege in a talk show, gameshow, docu, drama or reality. Get scripted into sitcom episodes or documentaries played on game shows or sports sponserships, discussed on popular talk shows, while gaining  global distribution to your target audience viewers.

We will place your brand and integrate your message on TV, in the best context, and the right atmosphere. Then, the real magic happens: your brand becomes the protagonist of the story, the hero to the audience.

Negotiating brand integrations on popular TV shows is our specialty. We draw on years of marketing campaigns, production expertise, and industry-wide connections bringing the best content producers and writers to the table, to craft your brand message and content. 

Representing your interests, to match your product or service with well-known shows and world-famous actors, making your brand a part of the story, and securing the most effective exposure via our extensive media partnerships with the world’s leading content distributors.

Our process begins with deep research, gaining knowledge of your brand, product or service, target audience, and marketing goals. Then we locate the genres and shows that would be the best fit for your message. We reach out to our partners, networks, and producers, seeking the right contextual opportunity and home for your brand. From securing a placement, and negotiating costs, to developing the script and content, we’ll have your brand name in lights, and on screens worldwide.

In our digital world, TV is the gateway to the customer journey, driving traffic to the top of the funnel, priming mass audiences for their journey down-funnel nurturing them via your marketing assets. 

We measure engagement and ROI performance and provide powerful insights about what works to generate traffic among your target audiences. Digital is an integral part of every content campaign we produce. At Inside Content, the TV goes hand in hand with your digital marketing strategy.

We are not just a content-brand integration agency. We develop and produce original, IP-protected TV content, shows, and formats, in a wide range of genres for a variety of local and international networks.

Creativity? It’s what we are.


the team.

Founded by content marketing pioneer Ori Goldberg, Inside Content works with premium international brands to provide innovative content solutions designed to engage and excite audiences.

Ori Goldberg

Founder, Business & Content Development

Lia Lahmi

Managing Director

Sharon Goldberg

Head Of Production

Liran Mor Geva

Chief Customer Officer

Head Office: 1 Nirim str.Tel Aviv